Which Astrology is More Accurate?

Amidst all the obscurities, one thing is factual when we say that astrology is backed by science. Astrology is said to be further classified into two categories-  Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology. Their main objective is to remove all the problems and bring joy to one’s livelihood.


These two types come under the same category yet have a lot of differences. With differences in place of origin, they also vary in some other areas like the calculation, Scripture, planets, etc. 


Now let’s understand the working of these types of astrology. Vedic astrology relies more on the planets whereas western astrology depends on the movement of the sun. That being said, In western astrology, these factors impact the mindset, personality, and character of a person. Speaking of Vedic which is also known as Nakshatra/ Moon-based system in astrology which covers all areas of one’s life. The most accurate description of the birth of any person is defined by information like the birth time, place, and time period. The principle of Karma, Destiny, and the whole matter of our lives is mentioned in our horoscope. Through Astrology, we can make life decisions and enjoy a peaceful life followed in the right path to our desires, goals, and needs.


To conclude the most accurate astrology is Vedic Astrology.